Dream Tiny Home Offers Surprising Space and a Walk-In Closet

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Dolly’s Tiny House is absolutely incredible. While it may look a bit like a giant dollhouse, this wonderfully designed home is no toy. At 7.2 by 2.4 meters (23 x 8ft) this home on wheels fits a whole lot of house and is possibly one of the best designed homes that we have visited so far with an amazing amount of functionality built into a very small home.

After trying city living for three years, Dolly Rubiano decided it was time to move onto greener pastures. But instead of a farmhouse or a quaint cottage in rural Australia, she decided to custom build a tiny house on wheels—and it might be just as beautiful as the landscape she parks it in. With white accents, unbelievable storage space (there’s a walk-in closet!), and beautifully big windows, Rubiano’s home is a true testament to how livable (and beautiful) tiny homes can be.

Checkout the photos below:

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