A Frame Design Provides A Quiet Space in Lake Tahoe

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As a concept, the design team reinterpreted the traditional A-frame typology for a two-person weekend break in the forest, combining it with a magnificent interior design.

Dark color coating is used on the exterior of the A frame cabin. Vertical windows that harmonize with the exterior of the cabin create a visual integrity.

The most striking feature of the A frame cabin is its magnificent interior design. Wood is used in harmony with each other in the interior of the cabin. Gray wide, comfortable seat is preferred in the living area. The modern fireplace in the front of the seating area provides a warm atmosphere. The storage areas in the kitchen at the bottom and its minimalist structure attract attention.

There is a bedroom on the upper floor of the cabin. Inside the cabin there is a very large modern bathroom and toilet. The harmony of the washbasin, tub and lighting in the bathroom draws attention.

The structure itself pushes the owners to leave all the gadgets and enjoy real life: listen to the birds singing, watch the forest dwellers from the large panoramic windows, feel the texture of the wood to the touch.

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