Denver Church Builds Tiny Homes Village

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More help for Denver’s homeless population could soon be on the way. The city already built a tiny homes village in the RiNo Art District and now a church believes more are needed. Designs have been drawn and applications to the city have been submitted.

Tiny Homes Village Provide Shelter to At Risk Women

Just east of downtown Denver parishioners of Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church are hoping for a new opportunity to practice what they preach.

Tiny Homes by St Andrew's Church

“It’s just an incredible opportunity to bring what we worship to life” said Ally Dodge, one of the church’s parishioners. Ally is part of a team hoping to build eight tiny homes on the church’s parking lot. These houses would be used specifically for women, including transgender women, who are homeless. Ally went on to say, “We know that women, and transgendered women in particular, are more at risk and so we I certainly wanted to have them in mind when we created our village.”

Applications for a six month zoning permit have been submitted but there’s still more work to be done since the church is located in Denver’s Clements Historic District.

What’s Next for Saint Andrew’s Church

The first step is to go through the formal review process with the landmark commission the group that oversees Denver’s historic neighborhoods. There are certain standards and designs that the Clements Historic District requires in order to have anything built, even a temporary tiny house on wheels. If all goes as planned, Ally and the team hope to start construction this summer and welcome a few more people to the Saint Andrew’s family.

Just like with the already existing tiny home villages across America, the idea is to allow the people living in these homes to be more self-reliant. Ally says she feels this is the best way to help people experiencing homelessness transition into a more independent lifestyle.

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  1. Am a veteran now disabled looking for a tiny home (community) where I have an opportunity to work and live in. Am very interested in renting with option to purchase but also be working in some capacity to barter for any assistance I may offer. Please contact
    Am currently in Arizona.

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