Imagine a home that lets you live rent free, mortgage free and with nearly  zero utility costs. Imagine owning a home that’s capable of generating its own electricity and capturing its own water. Now imagine you could build this home yourself without going into debt for the next 30 or more years. Sound appealing?

Rapidly growing in popularity over the last twenty years, tiny homes are starting to pop up all around the world. As more people begin to downsize their lives and explore minimalistic lifestyles, these small scale houses are proving to be the perfect solution. While the structures themselves often measure less than 300 square feet, the dreams of the owners are far less petite.


What is perhaps even more appealing than the financial and economic benefits of owning a tiny home, is the positive environmental impact the lifestyle provides. Living in a tiny house means we use fewer resources to live, and encourages us to be more conscientious about the products we consume. They move us towards a more simplistic way of life that opens a world of possibility for a more sustainable future.

A typical tiny home contains all the amenities one would expect in a modern home. They offer living areas, a sleeping loft, a kitchen and complete bathroom. A vast number of tiny houses  are also constructed on top of a trailer meaning they be easily moved from one location to another. This mobile nature has in many ways revolutionized home ownership, as it allows people to own their home, without needing to own the land that it sits on.


With all that said, the tiny home movement isn’t necessarily about sacrifice; it’s about combining thoughtful and innovative design with a simpler yet fuller life. A life centered around connecting with family, friends, and the nature around them. If any of this sounds appealing the tiny home lifestyle could be right for you.

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