This Tiny House on Wheels Offers A Modern and Masculine Sanctuary

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In today’s hectic, modern world, it’s more important than ever to have a sanctuary space to retreat to, a home where the troubles of the world can be left behind and where you are free to dream and pursue a life of your choosing. For Derek and Jeffrey that sanctuary came in the form of a stunning, modern tiny house on wheels.

For this entrepreneurial couple, the tiny house build started out as a fun design project with the idea of parking the house in the driveway of their Victoria, BC home and renting it out as a BnB. In the end, the couple absolutely fell in love with the home on wheels, and decided to move in, instead renting out their larger home.

Recently, the couple have sold their successful, yet stressful business and are now taking a well deserved hiatus, living in their tiny house, taking time to relax and plan for their next adventure together. They were able to find an exceptional parking space for the tiny home, moving it onto a lovely property with full services, where they overlook a stunning bird sanctuary.

There are all the essentials in this home. A great kitchen space with lots of preparation area and storage included, as well as all the modern appliances. The home is designed to have a good sized table, which is large enough for the couple to entertain guests. There’s a comfortable bathroom, lots of wardrobe space and a comfortable and cozy office.


The tiny house has a duel loft design. One loft functions as a living room area, where the couple can relax, read, watch television or watch the clouds go by via a large skylight. This loft also functions as a guest bedroom when needed. The loft is filled with sound healing tools, a new business venture which Jeffrey is embarking upon.

We hope you enjoy the tour of this beautiful and modern tiny house.

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