The Orchid is a Tiny Take on a Contemporary Farmhouse

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New Frontier Tiny Homes makes some of the best-looking tiny houses in the business, and its latest model, the Orchid Tiny House, is no different. Offering the firm’s interpretation of a contemporary farmhouse, the luxury dwelling opens to the outside with a large garage-style door, includes space-saving furniture, and can be upgraded to run off-the-grid. The Orchid measures 32 ft (9.7 m) long and comprises a total floorspace of 310 sq ft (28.7 sq m). Its exterior is clad in cedar boards.

“The Orchid Tiny House’s exterior siding is an application we’ve only seen in a few Scandinavian cabins and certainly the first application of its kind on a tiny house,” says New Frontier Tiny Homes. “We spaced and raised cedar boards off of the walls and roof to give each piece the appearance of floating. The boards carry over onto the roof in a seamless line and result in an original, timeless wooden exterior.”

Visitors enter the Orchid through glazed doors, and the home also features a large garage-style lifting door that opens up the living room to the outside, much like the firm’s Alpha and Escher model. Once inside, the living room looks quite spacious and includes storage space that conceals a HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit) and a solid walnut sofa that pulls out into a bed.

Steps lead up to the Orchid’s dining and kitchen area. This includes a dining table and a stove, cabinetry, sink, and fridge/freezer. At the far end of the home lies the bathroom with custom-made floating vanity sink, an incinerating toilet, and a shower.

The sole bedroom loft is reached by removable ladder and contains a king-size bed.

The Orchid is topped by three skylights, plus LED strip lighting has been installed behind the trim throughout the entire home. Those strips are controllable with individual dimmer switches, to create different lighting throughout the tiny house.

The house gets power from an RV-style hookup as standard, but New Frontier Tiny Homes can also upgrade it to run fully off-the-grid with solar panels at cost. The home is currently available for purchase. We’ve no word on price, but those interested can get in touch with New Frontier Tiny Homes directly.

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